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The First Fully Managed Telematics Solution

Start Saying "No" to Your Telematics

NO Downtime Management
NO Additional Education or Training
NO Onboarding
NO GPS Management
NO Platform Management
NO Troubleshooting
NO Management
NO Additional Cost
NO Unused Features
NO Wasted Time, Energy, or Money
NO Onboarding
NO Platform Management
NO Platform GPS
NO Additional Education or Training
NO Additional Cost
NO Wasted Time, Energy, or Money
NO Unused Features
NO Downtime
NO Management
NO Troubleshooting

Break the Cycle of Failed Telematics Solutions

Telematics implementations fail because teams are required to use expensive and complicated solutions which are hard to learn, hard to use, and hard to understand.

Only about 30% of telematics platform features are ever used. No Touch Telematics gives you a competitive edge by maximizing the utilization of your telematics without having to hire a full team.

Don't settle for another failed telematics platform implementation. Leave the installation and management of your  solution to our team of hardware, software, and data experts - so your crew can go back to managing their fleet, and you can Go from Installation to Maximum Result.

Telematics is Stressful and Expensive.

It Doesn't Have to Be.

fully managed service

Our telematics and data experts monitor your fleet, create and send reports, and manage your alerts so you can focus on your job - not your telematics solution.

No hassle on-boarding

Most implementations fail because they aren't on-boarded properly. With No Touch Telematics, you don't need to setup anything! All we need is an asset list and we'll take care of device installation and platform setup.

maximize your telematics utilization

Stop struggling to use your solution to its full capabilities. No Touch Telematics immediately unlocks the maximum results from your telematics solution.


No need to train an existing employee on a complicated system. Our experts act as an on-demand FTE to manage your telematics and provide instant support.

your data, Our management

You own the data created by your assets. We'll only use your data to manage your fleet and generate insights and we will never resell your data to anyone. Guaranteed.

Add a Team of Data Experts to Your Crew

For the fraction of the cost of an FTE, and less than $.25 per asset per day, you get access to a team of hardware, software, and data experts with a construction background to manage your telematics solution.

No more training industry professionals to use and manage complicated telematics platforms. Our team makes sure you maximize your business results.

What's Included

setup and configuration

  • User setup and configuration

  • Device installation (except self-installed devices)

  • Alert setup

  • Email subscription setup

  • Maintenance plan setup & enrollment

  • Weekly maintenance plan work list delivery

  • Non-reporting asset review & initial troubleshooting

  • Request visual inspection from customers on non-reporting assets

  • Scheduling device service including inspection, repair, and replacement

  • Job Site Setup

  • All associated reporting

asset management

  • Initial setup

  • Rental / Lease information

  • Sale/return of the equipment within dealership or rental house

  • Additional documentation management

  • Record reported hour/mile adjustments

  • Asset Group Setup/Management as directed by customer

  • Curfew setup

  • Inspection template setup

  • All associated reporting

Don't see the feature or report you're looking for? It's probably included!

Stop wasting time, energy, and money!

Let our team of telematics and data experts manage your solution for you 

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