Digital Inspection

Fleet Intelligence™ includes a completely customizable mobile inspection app that is built to customer’s needs

The simple and easy to use app is offered as a stand alone product or fully integrated into the Fleet Intelligence™ platform and various business systems

Add assets at your own convenience

Conduct inspections in English and Spanish

Optimized to meet OSHA and MSHA compliance standards

Unlimited pictures and video

Cloud based

Export easily to Excel or CSV

Customize to user and device needs


See video events from Driver Behavior or Breadcrumb trail on map layer

Real-time tracking updates using 4G LTE

Automatic accident triggers (g-force) and push button emergency recording

Tamper resistant camera, cables, and SD card

Recall and download driver footage within 90 days

Fully integrated into Fleet Intelligence Driver Behavior and asset breadcrumb trail, with customizable thresholds and recall times

Access Management

Configure and alter user roles, access and permissions easily from anywhere

Fleet Intelligence™ gets the right people the right information automatically to ensure optimal productivity and security requirements

Make actionable data prominent to each level of authority and job function


Interactive training on the tablet

Dynamic HOS rule updating

Ability to import ELD data files from other ELD solutions

User-name and simple login to access ELD in any OTR asset

MDM locked down tablet for security

Single Sign On between Fleet Intelligence™ and ELD solutions

FMCSA Approved

Removable ruggedized 7” tablet

Embedded front and rear camera

25+ preloaded rule sets

Adjustable dash mount

Integrated telematics device

Driver Behavior & Scorecard

Track driver behavior for your entire OTR fleet

Custom set parameters and scorecards help manage your drivers

Nullify a Driver Behavior occurrence from scorecard by simply checking a box in the OTR configuration

Include high and low severity configuration for: speeding, harsh braking, harsh turning, and hard acceleration

Driver Identity

Drivers can be associated to an asset either by key fob or by assignment in Fleet Intelligence™

Driver scorecards can be configured to any specification with scheduled email delivery

Maximize Up-time


Best of business intelligence software, hardware, and industry leading expertise to ensure entire fleet accessibility and visibility

Non-Reporting Assets:Expedite the troubleshooting process with Fleet Intelligence™ Non-Reporting probable Cause report

This report helps users determine the reason why an asset has stopped reporting using a series of custom rules and the latest asset updates

Leverage existing OEM or telematics systems to save money

Add .shp and .shx files to the map to show road and location call-outs

Asset Protection

Ensure the safety and security of your fleet with a robust notification system built around curfews, geofences, and tampering

Get instant alerts if an asset is turned on after hours, leaves its designated job site, or when tampering occurs

Instant alerts automatically go to the right people — no more waking up the wrong people


Track and manage your fleet with customizable maintenance plans and a fully integrated work order system

Creating maintenance schedules is quick and easy: FI™ offers full support to assign schedules to your assets in a matter of hours

The preventative maintenance module is a versatile solution, allowing you to choose the maintenance scheduling method that best fits your fleet’s needs

Customize your maintenance schedule measurements in miles or kilometers

Create custom maintenance plans with integrated work order systems to maximize usage

Increase Efficiency

Utilization & Job Cost

Manage live forecast needs, team, and time management based on accurate reporting from any/all job site for any time period

Forecasting hours and monetary management of all assets and operators from one place

Any OEM on open API as well as info from CSV and Excel

Increase utilization and save money

Decrease fleet cost

Dynamic geolayer dedicated to utilization to quickly and easily see all of your asset utilization in one map view

Reassign underutilized machines

Decrease rental needs by managing asset time more effectively

Fuel Management

Fleet Intelligence™ offers a robust fuel inspection application for mobile devices that is especially useful for on-site fueling

Track vital information like what machine is getting fuel, what kind of fuel is being dispensed, how much fuel is used, as well as operator activity and oil information

Monitor the tank and fuel level when applicable

Easily incorporate fuel cards

Quickly see what needs to be fueled and what does not to optimize productivity

Idle Time

Track, forecast and manage with our Idle Time Tracker. See in time and dollars exactly where excess idle is causing excess cost

Associate asset operation and idle cost to track savings opportunities

Aggregate data by job site, asset group, and foreman


Telematic Integration

Integrate with any OEM, telematic, or business system to share efficiencies across departments

Send custom scheduled reports from Fleet Intelligence to anyone in PDF or Excel formats

Three ways to complete integration: spreadsheets, proprietary connectors, and API — connect to any system through predetermined methods